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    10% off Dell Coupon code 5/25 - 5/26

    Discussion in 'Notebook and Tech Bargains' started by Andrew Baxter, May 25, 2004.

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    Dell just sent this new coupon code along to us: 48G6$2RK$5$T11

    Valid: 5/25/04 12:00am CST to 5/26/04 ends 11:59pm CST

    Dell Home Customers: Save 10% on select online Inspiron™ notebook purchases $999 or more! Excludes Outrageous Deals and Recommended Solutions (D80511r,D80511m,D80511d,D80516r,D80516m,D80516d,XPSRS2,XPSRS3,9100RS2,9100RS1,8600FR1,8600FR2,5150FR3,5150FR2, 1150RS1, 1150RS2,600mFR1,600mFR2,300mFR1,300mFR2)

    Enter coupon code at checkout to receive this offer.
    Coupon Code: 48G6$2RK$5$T11