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    Easy Note H5315 issue

    Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by ipbr21054, Mar 27, 2012.

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    My sister gave me this laptop but had an issue with spam etc.]
    No discs etc just the laptop.
    I have re-installed windows xp home and run many virus/spam/malware programmes and now sorted.
    Windows was loaded via a purchased disc from ebay using the original product key from the label on the laptop.
    My issues are the following.
    1,I am looking for a user manual of which i am told would be on the original disc that would of been loaded onto this laptop & now verified with microsoft.
    2,I have installed new memory,new battery & a new charger but when i charge the battery on the right hand side of the laptop i see a red light that flashes on & off whilst charging,is this normal ?
    3,My @ sign is working from the 2 button and the " sign is working from the @ button,these two sings work on opposite buttons.
    Keyboard is set to uk english.

    If any advice available all welcome.
    Thanks very much.