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    Packard Bell TE11HC Broken Power Jack

    Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by pokey110, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. pokey110

    pokey110 Newbie

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    Hi all

    The power jack on my packard bell TE11HC has broken and i'm after help on how to replace it.

    Any step by step guides or videos would be helpful.

    Many thanks.

  2. mariussx

    mariussx Notebook Evangelist

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    You are in luck, mate. It is quite easy and cheap to replace the dc in your laptop. Step by step guide:
    1. Remove the battery
    2. Remove all the screws from the bottom case
    3. Remove the service door and all the additional screws hidden there. Ground yourself before touching the internals.
    4. Remove your HDD and disconnect the cables from the wifi card and remove the card itself while you are there. Remove the DVD. Make sure there are no more screws left anywhere on the bottom case
    5. Turn your laptop around and you will see around 5 clips at the top of you keyboard. Push the clip in the centre first while gently lifting the keyboard in that area, then move to the clip on your right or left and do the same. Be careful lifting the keyboard to not rip off the keys, hold 3 of them at a time so that wider area gets the stress. Take your time and work your way to lifting the keyboard, then disconnect the keyboard cable. Be careful and try not to move the screen too much as screw lugs for the left hinge are the weak point of your laptop.
    6. Remove all the screws visible. Disconnect the touchpad cable, always be gentle to avoid damaging any connectors.
    7. DVD hole will give you access to start gently praying off the top case to separate it from the bottom case. Use plastic wedge tool ideally for this (can be bound from eBay forĀ£0.99). Again, take your time and work your way around until you have a gap between the top and bottom cases all around.
    8. Start gently lifting the top case and look for any cables connected to the mainboard - if there is any (some models have speakers on the top case), disconnect them and then remove the top case.
    9. Check your DC if some cable is hidden under the left hinge. If not, no need to remove the screen. Check if the left speaker is covering part of the cable. If it is, disconnect and remove the speaker. If you have access to the whole cable, you can remove the dc itself and gently pull on the cable to disconnect it from the connection underneath the mainboard. Then you can try to connect your new dc (compare your old dc cable wrinkles to the new one, that way you will know which side the connector has to be aligned) by gently pushing it into the connection with a plastic wedge tool
    10. If you can not disconnect the old cable or connect it the easy way, you will need to lift the mainboard for this. Disconnect usb board cables from the right hand side on the mainboard, then the remaining right speaker, mic (exactly the same connector as the speakers), remove the wifi cables (so that they would not cover your mainboard, no need to remove them past that point), lcd cable (the biggest connector - gently push on both sides and slide it out of the port).
    11. There should be 1 screw holding the mainboard near the dc area and 1 more near the dvd connection - remove both. Start lifting the mainboard on the right hand side and see if any screws are still holding it.
    12. Replace the DC
    13. Follow the steps 1-11 in reverse order to assemble the laptop back together