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    how to make vista dvd from my swm recovery disk files?Please help

    Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by askyy, Dec 9, 2010.

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    My packard bell recovery dvd is scratched and I can't reinstall windows from it.The good part is but the WIM folder that contains windows is ok.The WIM folder has 5 swm file:recover1.swm,...,recovery5.swm.I used imagex to merge the swm files in one wim file and mame it INSTALL.WIM. I used Windows AIK to make an answer file from install.wim file but I don't have a vista dvd but a manufacter recovery dvd.I have VISTA SETUP.EXE - I extract it with 7zip from the install.wim file-windows-system32.My vista is home basic.

    How can I make a vista home basic bootable dvd with only install.wim and vista setup.exe?

    My reovery dvd has:

    BOOT-BP(winre.wim )-CONFIG-DRIVERS-RECOVERY-TOOLS-WIM(the swm files with vista) -WIMSOFT (Soft.swm,Soft2.swm with manufacture software and HDREG-Retailers.ini,QFE-KB9296859)-boot.sdi-bootmgr-content.txt-crclog.dat-MediaChecker.exe-MediaChecker.ini-RecDvd1_1.tag-winre.wim

    Folder TOOLS AND WIMSOFT corrupt

    Inside the install.wim created from the 5 swm file is:

    $Recycle.Bin-boot-Documents and Settings-drivers-Program Files-ProgramData-Users-Windows-


    I saw on the internet but the install.wim on a vista dvd has 7 folders.In each folder are the same folders of vista but no the folders boot-driversand the files bootmgr-BOOTSECT.BAK-PB.iss-RHDSetup.log

    Even if I edit my install.wim file like this still don't know how to make a vista dvd with only install.wim and vista setup.exe.All the tutorials are about vista dvd not about building a vista dvd with the file from the recovery dvd.