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    packard bell easynote wont start up

    Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by dwd, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. dwd

    dwd Notebook Consultant

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    like at all - i can press the power on button a million times and there will be absolutely no response

    is there anything i can or do i need to go get it fixed? it was a while ago since i last powered it on, so i've given it time to cool off it overheated
  2. lappyftw

    lappyftw Notebook Guru

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    Is it plugged into AC adapter?
    Is the battery charged to provide energy?

    If it is not plugged in to AC adapter,plug it,if it does not work,try again by removing the battery.

    If there is still nothing,un-plug it from AC adapter,remove the battery,and press and hold the power button about 40 seconds.

    Otherwise,it burned out.Also,you can contact with Packard Bell and request a replacement,if it is still under warranty.

    If it still not works,unplug it and remove the battery,wait about like a day.Some computers wont open(boot) until the system is completely cool.

    Also I can help you more if you answer my question,

    Do you remember how the last shut down was?When it overheated did it shutdown instantly or the Windows shut off the computer normally?Was there a blue screen and did you hear a smell like burning?(not quite possible but only asking :D)

    Good luck.